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On-Chain Analyst Willy Woo Predicts 1,000,000,000 People To Adopt Bitcoin

Prominent on-chain analyst Willy Woo is predicting that one billion people will have exposure to Bitcoin much sooner than we think.

In a new interview on Real Vision Finance, Woo says that based on its current trajectory, Bitcoin is poised to get in the wallets of a huge part of the global population in four years.

“This thing has been growing for 11 years nonstop and doubling every 12 months. That puts us at 4%, then 8%, and so forth. We’re currently on track for 1 billion people having exposure to Bitcoin as an asset class in the next four years. By 2025, 1/8th of the world population will have exposure to this monetary base. It’s happening very, very quickly.”

The analyst says Bitcoin is still in the early stages as far as adoption goes. However, he highlights that we’re about to witness exponential growth in the coming years.

“In terms of the internet era, like where we are right now, it’s the equivalent of 1994 for the rollout of the internet. In the next four years, we’re going to teleport into 2005 for the internet rollout equivalent, which if you think about that, 1994 was very slow, dial-up internet. Very few people used it, but it was growing quickly. In 2005, we had everybody on Facebook. The iPhone was just around the corner, and the internet was available to everybody on the planet, if they needed it. The next four years is going to bring a lot of changes to the financial system, and that’s for sure.”

Woo notes that the big technology companies like Uber or Amazon often start off with a seed investment of a few million dollars and end up with initial public offerings (IPOs) in the hundreds of billions. According to Woo, Bitcoin just took a different route.

“Those types of gains are very, very routine in new technology rollouts. The only difference right now is that Bitcoin just so happened to have a publicly tradable price that everybody could see and retail, anybody in the world had access to buy that asset right at the get-go.“

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