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Grayscale Partners with iCapital Alternative Investments

Grayscale, America’s biggest crypto stock listed provider, has announced a partnership with iCapital, a 2013 founded fintech company that raised more than $440 million.

Grayscale said the partnership is “to offer iCapital Network’s more than 6,700 network advisors serving high-net-worth clients with access to digital currencies through a Grayscale diversified market-cap weighted investment strategy.”

Grayscale currently holds some $42 billion in assets under management for its stock listed crypto trusts, including 648,000 bitcoins.

Their bitcoin holdings have reduced however from 655,000 back in February with its stock listed price going for a discount throughout much of this summer as locked liquidity during winter started to exit.

That process now appears to be over, something that can be accelerated by this partnership with iCapital and its network of advisers as Hugh Ross, Chief Operating Officer at Grayscale, says:

“In a world with trillions of dollars of fiscal stimulus and negative real interest rates, the wealth management industry is recognizing the diversification benefits and inflation hedge potential that digital currencies can offer in an investment portfolio.”

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